Social Program


One half-day of the Conference will be reserved for a leisure tour and an evening dinner. Both events, plus a welcome reception including one hot dish, are included in the full-registration and accompanying-person fees. It also includes a visit to São Jorge castle and old Lisbon city. It also includes the luncheons as follows:


Monday and Friday: a lunch box quite well served will be at your disposal at 13h on leaving the lecture room to be eaten looking at the beautiful Tagus river (just choose the nice place!)

Tuesday: a luncheon will be served at Tapada de Mafra - Parque das Merendas on arrival: around 13h30, looking the beautiful village of Mafra and the huge Palace of Mafra

Wednesday and Thursday; executive coffee breaks will be served at poster sessions, both together might serve as luncheons


More Details


Sunday 7th (included in the registration fee):

19h: welcome reception at Hotel Tivoli Tejo

Tuesday 9th (included in the registration fee):

12h45: leaving from Hotel Tivoli Tejo to Mafra (small city)

13h30 - 17h30:

small lunch at "Parque das Merendas" (open air) of Mafra Palace; visit to "Tapada de Mafra" (open air)

Built by command of King D. João V in the first half of the 18th century (groundbreaking: 1717; inauguration: 1730), the Palace of Mafra is the most significant baroque monument in Portugal, comprising a Royal Palace, a Basilica and Franciscan Convent, and a very important Library, synthesis of the encyclopaedic knowledge of the 18th century.

The King ordered sculptures and paintings from Italian and Portuguese masters, liturgical objects and vestments from France and Italy, as well as all the stuff required for a working Convent and Basilica’s everyday life. The Palace collections include painting, furniture, silver, ceramic and glass from the 18th and 19th centuries. For a glimpse at the collections, go to...

A photo gallery of the adjacent Tapada de Mafra (created in 1747) – a walled nature preserve and game reserve (819 ha), where animals roam freely – may be found at...


18h00 - 19h30:

free visit to Ericeira (fisherman small city). Bring swimming clothes for an oceanic swim

19h30 - 22h00:

dinner at Hotel Vila Galé, in Ericeira

Wednesday 10th:

18h30 - 20h00: visit to "Oceanário" at "Parque das Nações" area, 100 m from Hotel Tivoli Tejo (10€ entrance group fee). Inscriptions at registration desk on Sunday 7th or Monday 8th

Thursday 11th:

meet together at 19h30 (included in the registration fee) for a visit to São Jorge Castle and old Lisbon surroundings

21h00: dinner at a "Fado" house in the old Lisbon area, accompanied by "Fado" singing. Inscriptions at registration desk on Sunday 7th or Monday 8th. It may cost up to 50€.