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The ICAA Young Scientist Award 2008

Application Form

The International Committee an Activation Analysis / Modern Trends in Activation Analysis (ICAA / MTAA) has established an international award for young scientists who are making outstanding contributions to the field. The ICAA intends to bestow this award on an annual basis at a major activation analysis conference. The 2007 ICAA Young Scientist Award (YSA) was given at the MTAA-12 conference held September 21 to 26, 2007 at the Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan. An award panel had selected Dr. Diandou Xu, Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing, as the 2007 recipient. The ICAA wishes to acknowledge the financial contributions by the Reactor Institute Delft, the Center for Chemical Characterization and Analysis of the Texas A&M University, and the BMD and IRD of the ANS. The contribution of a complimentary registration by the MTAA-12 organizers for the 2007 award, and the NAMLS-9 organizers for the 2008 award are recognized with much appreciation.

The 2008 Young Scientist Award will be given at the 9th International Conference on Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences (NAMLS-9), Lisbon, Portugal, 7-12 September 2008. Please refer to the Call for Applications for further details on the current solicitation published at the BMD website or the NAMLS-9 site The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2008. The ICAA Young Scientist Award comprises an engraved plaque and a financial grant, which will be presented at the designated major international (nuclear) analytical chemistry conference occurring in the year of the award. The Award is established to promote the awardees' introduction to the community represented by the ICAA; the recipient is expected to participate at the designated conference and to present his work in a lecture. The financial grant not to exceed US$ 1000.00 will be made towards the expenses incurred for attending the conference; a full complimentary registration to the conference will be provided by the organizers of NAMLS-9. The contribution towards travel expenses will be made available at or immediately after the conference.


Scope of the Conference

NAMLS is a series of international conferences organized to promote the development and application of nuclear and related analytical methods in the life sciences. Previous events were held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands; 1967), Bled (Slovenia; 1972), Vienna (Austria; 1978), Gaithersburg, MD (USA; 1989), Prague (Czech Republic; 1993), Beijing (China; 1998), Antalya (Turkey; 2002), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil; 2005).

Conference topics cover the following methodological issues and application fields:

Methods and their developments

v   Neutron, charged-particle and photon activation analysis;

v   Ion-beam techniques (PIXE, PIGE, RBS, etc);

v   X-ray fluorescence analysis;

v   Alpha- and gamma-spectrometry;

v   Nuclear imaging methods;

v   Tracer methods (using both radio- and stable tracers);

v   Radioisotopic dating;

v   Radioimmunoassay;

v   Speciation (using nuclear analytical methods);

v   Other techniques.

Applications and their purposes

v   Agricultural Studies (element levels in crop cultivation, amelioration and modification);

v   Environmental Studies (biogeochemistry of ecosystems; monitoring and biological monitoring of environmental compartments; transfer processes and element availability; global climatic change);

v   Human/Animal Health (biomedical and epidemiological studies, toxicology and nanotoxicology, impact of aerosols on human health; wellbeing indoors; safety issues);

v   Human/Animal Nutrition (element levels in foods, additives and supplements; bioavailability of elements in food chains; nutrition education);

v   Quality Assurance and Quality Control (preparation and use of reference materials; interlaboratory and method comparisons, methodsí validation and implementation).